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JOHN CHAU: God Had Called Him

2 November 2019

In November 2018, John Chau gave his life for Jesus Christ and the gospel on North Sentinel Island, an island in the Bay of Bengal governed by India.

Dr Mary Ho is the executive leader of All Nations, the mission organisation that sent out John Chau and sends gospel workers all over the world, including countries where Christians are persecuted. Listen as she describes the John Chau she knew: unassuming, humble, soft-spoken, and with a clear calling from God to go to the people of North Sentinel Island.

Dr Ho will also talk about the criticism that came after John’s death—in secular media and even from within the church, and describe her own perspective on fulfilling the Great Commission and how missionaries bring blessings, not problems, to the nations where they go.

John was a young man when he went to the island, but he was not unprepared for the challenges he might face there. Dr Ho will tell us how much effort John put forth—years of effort—preparing to arrive on the beach that sunny morning in November 2018.

Listen to Part 2 of our conversation with Dr Ho about John Chau’s life, calling and ministry here.

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