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The Bible is restricted in over 52 countries and territories. Below is a snapshot of how God’s Word is received in these nations.

NORTH KOREA – Covert Operations Only

VOM workers smuggle both print and digital Bibles into the country. Owning a Bible or even portions of Scripture is extremely risky in North Korea. Anyone discovered to be a Christian or to express any interest in Christ or the Bible is considered an enemy of the state. Nevertheless, bold Christians work to bring God’s Word to the North Korean people.

IRAQ – Dangerous and/or Difficult

In 2014, when ISIS invaded Mosul and surrounding areas of the Nineveh Plains that had been home to generations of Iraqi Christians, the Islamists systematically burned churches and Bibles. VOM provided new Bibles to replace those destroyed.

CHINA – Illegal and/or Highly Restrictive

Last year, the government banned the online sale of Bibles, an additional obstacle in a country where printed Bibles were already difficult to obtain. The Communist Party is also working on a new Bible translation intended to inject Chinese values into Scripture.

CUBA – Illegal and/or Highly Restrictive

As the government tightens its control of religious life in Cuba, Christians there fear it will become more difficult to obtain Bibles. Over the years, believers have used a variety of ways to bring Bibles into Cuba, including by boat, by hand-carrying individual copies and through government approved shipments.

CENTRAL ASIA – Covert Operations Only

In many Central Asian countries, Bibles are considered propaganda and are not allowed to be imported or printed. VOM supports covert Bible operations in this region so Christians have access to God’s Word.