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I heard about Voice of the Martyrs for the first time a couple of decades ago. A friend of mine shared with me about the ministry and I am ashamed to say I was so ignorant then about the plight of persecuted Christians and was both amazed and horrified by what she told me.

I joined the VOM mailing list to receive the newsletter as I was hungry to know more. I felt like I was bursting to tell others so they would know too and they would pray. I started to share some of the testimonies at church. Now we pray for the persecuted church regularly. Not vague prayers, but thanks to VOM and the information they provide, we pray in an informed way, in the knowledge that they are our brothers and sisters in Christ and He hears our prayers on their behalf. God is good, He is faithful and He is at work, even in the darkest places.

I am grateful to VOM, the stories they have shared has helped form my faith and they display love in the most practical ways to Christ’s suffering bride.