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“We want a Christianity-free block. The villagers will soon return to their roots.” – RSS Saiyojak Laxman Singh Munda.

That is the proclamation of the RSS (Rashtriya Seva Sangh – National Volunteer Organisation), and their goal and priority today, is to eradicate Christianity from India by 2021! This very powerful, inflexible statement by the RSS is already having an impact on Christian communities in many parts of India today.

In conjunction with the RSS, the government in early 2017 cancelled licenses for over 200 non-profit organisations accusing them of “anti-national activities.”

However, the NGO’s see their removal of funding support as well as intimidation and harassment by the government agencies as attempts to suppress dissenting voices. Source: New York Times, 26 January 2017.

Update: Kandhamal, Odisha 2018
In the district of Kandhamal, a letter has been secretly circulated by Hindu fanatic groups to every remote village with the purpose of gathering support of the local Hindu Cadre people against Christianity in their districts.

Our sources in India believe the government is aware of this strategy and appear to be turning a blind eye to the situation. We do not forget the many displaced Christians who were previously attacked. They are still struggling to survive in the district of Kandhamal, where the government is not providing any form of support to these innocent tribal believers.

Daily they struggle to make a living, working as day labourers, when work is available. Most of those suffering live in unhygienic conditions, in mud huts or poorly built houses.

Our Bibles and Rice appeal fits well into our strategy to support these in Kandhamal with some life-saving packs for those that are poor and hungry.

“The planned distribution of these relief items in 2018 will greatly encourage and send a message that the body of Christ in Australia is one with them and feeling their pain.” Our national contact in India shared with us.

“That is why I would say this appeal will greatly encourage them. These believers cannot fight and claim what they need from the local government being on their own land. They are without a voice and continually struggling.”

Today we are their voice to you. We share their struggles with you and ask you to pray for the ongoing work in India despite the major opposition which is taking  place throughout the country. The Indian government is wanting to silence their voice, we however will not allow our brothers and sisters to be silenced. We are their voice and through Bibles and Rice we will support them and attend to their cries.

Bibles and Rice