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Emergency Response Afghanistan

Many of us are aware of the dramatic unfolding of events in Afghanistan affecting their residents including Christians.

VOM Australia is now primarily focussed on those Christian families who have remained in Afghanistan and are in constant danger. They are in desperate need of water and food just to survive.

Our VOM team member in the Middle East is working tirelessly to provide for their needs. We are also searching for safe locations to remove these families from the ever-present threat of slavery and execution.

Latest news and updates

21 September – Afghan Video Update

Interview with an expert from the United States on the recent events in Afghanistan and how this impacts Christ’s followers in that country. John Weaver lived and worked in Afghanistan for many years even during the previous Taliban rule. John Weaver answers, among others, the following questions:

  1. How are we helping Afghan Christians in the present situation?
  2. How many Christians are in Afghanistan and will their situation worsen now?
  3. What is the relationship between ISIS-K, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?


10 September – Afghanistan Update

As VOM’s support project for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan continues, we are pleased to bring you another update. We are currently serving Christians who have gone into hiding in a number of different locations in Afghanistan. Funds from your donations have reached them and given them the means to buy living essentials. 

As we prayerfully started this special ministry project, there was much chaos and significant obstacles hindering our work. It seemed like an almost impossible task, but God heard our collective prayers and opened the way for our team to locate many Christians who need our help. 


6 September – Afghanistan Update

We are pleased to inform you that since our previous update, some of the impediments to our aid reaching those who need it most have been removed.  While it is not business as usual, some of the practical support has now started to flow into Afghanistan to help those Christians who will not survive without it.  This is the second step of our rollout plan with the first step being identifying and locating those who are in desperate need of immediate support. 

On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. Please note that 100% of funds donated to Emergency Response Afghanistan will be used in support of this project. 


2 September – Afghanistan Update

In the days leading up to 31 August it would have been premature to speculate on the needs of those Christians who remain in Afghanistan. Identifying Christians in hiding is a challenging task. Some Christians were able to find refuge in neighbouring countries.
Some of these were part of our rescue mission. Many Christians who have fled their homes find themselves displaced indefinitely. The remaining Christians are now our primary focus.


Afghan Christians left behind will be ‘targeted with deadly violence’

Human rights group ADF International has urged the international community to address the “dire plight” of religious minority communities in Afghanistan, including 10,000 Christians who are now “at extreme risk of being targeted with deadly violence.” They, too, need to be evacuated, the group says.

Among the communities at risk are “an estimated ten thousand Christians, many of whom are ‘guilty’ of converting from Islam — a crime punishable by death under Sharia law,” Giorgio Mazzoli, a legal officer representing ADF International at the United Nations, said in a statement.


Christians Brace for Persecution

Afghanistan’s Christian community is almost exclusively comprised of converts from Islam. Some estimate the Christian population to be between 8,000 and 12,000, making it one of the country’s largest religious minority groups. However, due to extreme persecution, the Christian community remains largely closeted and hidden from the public eye.


27 August 2021 – Afghan Update

Last evening, some Christians made it out to a country of safety in spite of the bombings which have been reported in the mainstream news. There are still many Christians who are trying to leave and efforts surrounding their escape have changed as the situation at Kabul airport has become untenable. Our attention is split between who is trying to leave and who is left behind.

Those left behind have no resources for their basic needs such as food and water. The banks although open, have no cash to withdraw. We are working with our local teams in the area to assist where we can. Many Christians have already felt the brunt of the Taliban regime with reports of some being sought out and killed.

Please continue to pray for our fellow believers in this distressing situation.


Christians Fearful Living Under Taliban Rule

On Sunday, 15 August, Taliban fighters captured Kabul, effectively asserting complete control over Afghanistan. For the country’s secretive underground church, the return to Taliban rule has filled many with fear and uncertainty..



25 August 2021 – Afghan Update

Our CEO has been working behind the scenes with our international partners and people on the ground to assist Christians during this tumultuous time in Afghanistan.

Our focus is to not only assist Christians who are fleeing Afghanistan but also the many who will inevitably remain. They will require our continued support and prayers because they are marked as ongoing targets by the Taliban. Please continue to pray for them.”

We will provide updates to inform your prayers as you continue to pray for our persecuted Afghan brothers and sisters in Christ.


President Flees Country, Concerns Arise for Christians

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country Sunday after Taliban fighters entered Kabul, the nation’s capital, demanding a transfer of power.

The insurgents were directed to refrain from violence and offer safe passage to anyone wishing to leave the capital.

“No one’s life, property, and dignity will….


Pray for Afghanistan

The greatest gift we can give to those in Afghanistan are our prayers!


In Afghanistan there are no church buildings. Cultural and religious opposition to the Gospel as well as significant security issues remain great challenges for all missions efforts in this Central Asian nation. And sadly, most Afghans have never heard the Gospel, do not know a Christian and have been indoctrinated to follow Mohammad’s teachings without question. Radical Islam and violent tribal political activity make the nation a difficult and dangerous place for Christians to practise their faith. There is, nevertheless, a special unity among Christians labouring for the Gospel in Afghanistan.


99.8% of Afghans are Muslims, with 90% Sunni and 10% Shiite.


Both local and national governments are highly antagonistic toward Christians. Extremist groups, including the Taliban and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS), are active, and believers are also persecuted by their families, friends and communities.

5 Ways to Pray for Afghanistan


The situation on the ground is fluid right now. Pray for God’s protection over His people. Pray also for his presence to be felt. (Hebrews 13:5)


Ask God to bless our brothers and sisters with discernment as they decide whether to stay or go and even with whom they should talk. (Matthew 10:16)


Believers in Afghanistan often must keep their faith a secret — even from family members. Pray that God will help each Afghan believer to connect and fellowship with at least one other believer in person, by phone or through some other technology. Pray that God will remind them that they are not alone, but are part of the global body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:20;26)


Pray that God will provide safe passage to those who feel led by God to leave Afghanistan and provide for their immediate needs in their new location. (Exodus 19:4)


The Taliban claim to be “true Muslims,” strictly adhering to Sharia (Islamic law). As Muslims in Afghanistan see this cruel face of Islam, pray that they will be drawn to Jesus Christ, the shepherd Savior who doesn’t oppress but instead chose to lay down His life for His sheep.(Colossians 4:3)

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