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I was highly impacted by Voice of the Martyrs while on my honeymoon! While in Fiji, I decided to look at some stories of Christian persecution.
My wife and I were highly impacted by Hannelie’s story on YouTube because I just got married and wanted a family! What affected me most was her husband’s faith.

Months before he died he said, “You only die once, it may as well be for Christ.” This shook me and made me realise that he already counted the cost. Was I ready to count the cost?

My wife and I went on the VOM website and requested that a speaker come to our church. He gladly came and shared with our small church about the heart of VOM. I was struck by the humility and authenticity of the mission; they wanted our prayers and our time, not only our money.
He explained Hebrews 13:3 which made me realise that I share the same body of Christ of millions of persecuted believers – irrespective of my feelings. I was captured by this conviction which turned out to be the key scripture of VOM.

We received free books – TFC – and my life was changed forever by the book. I called VOM and asked how I could help, they simply wanted my time and my prayers which I gave.