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Bounchan was imprisoned for his Christian ministry in Laos for over 10 years. Despite the risks, he went to extraordinary lengths to smuggle Bibles into prison.

We’re so blessed to have such easy access to the Bible in Australia. But in many restricted nations, owning a Bible is illegal. Despite the dangers, persecuted Christians like Bounchan hunger for God’s Word.

‘We need more Bibles!’

This is the frequent cry of persecuted Christians, especially those in rural areas and conflict zones where Bibles are routinely confiscated or destroyed. Sadly, many persecuted Christians are simply unable to afford a Bible as they struggle to make ends meet on less than $2 a day.

Bibles Plus

For only $25, you can give a Bibles Plus Pack to a persecuted Christian family struggling with spiritual and physical hunger. 

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Through Bibles Plus, Voice of the Martyrs is providing holistic care to persecuted Christians in Myanmar, India, Nigeria, Laos and the Philippines. Each Bibles Plus Pack contains a Bible PLUS food staples such as rice, noodles and oil that we estimate would feed a family of four for about a month.

The need is urgent. In India alone, our national contact estimates that over 25,000 Christians displaced through persecution could benefit from Bibles Plus. They need your support.

Will you give persecuted Christians food for their soul and body by sponsoring a Bibles Plus Pack?