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I Commit to Pray

A place to gather and pray for the persecuted church. Read prayer requests from around the world and post your own prayers specifically for your brothers and sisters who are being persecuted. Your prayers can have a powerful impact in the lives of persecuted Christians.

INDIA: Pastor Severely Beaten by Mob of Extremists

On 21 August, Pastor Kumar*, was attacked and brutally beaten by radical Hindu nationalists in Uttar Pradesh, India. The radicals reportedly accused Pastor Kumar of forcefully converting Hindus to Christianity and used this accusation as a justification for their...

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UGANDA: Two Muslim Friends Become Brothers in Christ

Syamusudini began sharing the Gospel with friends at school after being rejected by his Muslim family and moving in with a local pastor. One of his friends, Muhindo, listened carefully and soon decided that he, too, would follow Christ. Since he didn’t speak Arabic,...

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CHINA: Pray for Ps Wang Yi and his Family

Pastor Wang Yi is a Christian human-rights lawyer and a founding pastor of the Early Rain Covenant Church. He has been vocal in calling on the state to uphold religious freedom. Pastor Wang has been in custody since December 2018, when officials seized around 100...

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RUSSIA: Strict Opposition to Missionary Activity

In July 2016, Russia passed religion laws restricting "illegal missionary activity" by either citizens or foreigners. This activity could involve speaking to people about religion, or the distribution of either printed, audio or video materials. Between January and...

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ALGERIA: Court Upholds Church Closure Order

The Spring of Life Church in Makouda is the second largest Protestant church in Algeria with about 700 members. In October 2019, it was ordered to close, along with two other churches. The closures happened under Ordinance 06-03, which states that permission must be...

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PAKISTAN: Another Teenage Christian Girl Abducted

Saneha Kinza Iqbal, a 15-year-old Christian girl, was abducted by Saeed Amanat, a 30-year-old Muslim man, on her way to church in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The abduction reportedly took place on 22 July, however, Saneha’s family was only able to file a report with local...

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CHINA: Christian Prisoner Update

In March 2017, police arrested Cao San-Qiang (John Cao), a Chinese pastor known for his work among Myanmar’s poor. Authorities charged Pastor Cao with “organising illegal crossings of national borders” and in 2018, sentenced him to seven years in prison. Pastor Cao is...

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LAOS: New Believer Disinherited by Family

When Jai placed his faith in Christ in December 2019, his Hmong family was very unhappy with him. They told him he could have no share in their father’s inheritance, and they divided the property among themselves. They accused him of taking a foreign religion and of...

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PAKISTAN: Man Charged with Blasphemy

A Christian man was beaten and charged with blasphemy on 5 August, following comments made on his Facebook account about the Islamic celebration of Lailat al Miraj. The celebration involves eating sacrificial meat. In response, Sohail Masih allegedly posted: "It is...

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