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One day as he watched a movie about unreached people groups, tears rolled down Andi’s cheeks. “I couldn’t hold back my emotions. Both compassion for the people and a passion to serve flowed into my heart.” This was the beginning of  Andi’s journey of faith to find the truth.

Andi was born into a prominent Muslim family, over time he became disciplined to follow the daily Islamic rituals and to obey Allah. As the population on the Indonesian island of Madura are all Muslim, Andi never heard about Christianity apart from one fact – Christians were infidels.

The first time someone told Andi about Isa Almasih (Jesus) was when he was eight.

He became very curious and opened the Koran to read Sura 10:94; “So if you are in doubt, [O Muhammad], about that which we have revealed to you, then ask those who have been reading the Scripture before you. The truth has certainly come to you from your Lord, so never be among the doubters.”

This confused Andi so he asked the Imam to explain the meaning but was told, “It isn’t important. You don’t need to know the meaning.” This brought more concern into Andi’s heart as he was earnestly seeking the truth.

Andi always held his father in high regard until one day he discovered he was being unfaithful to his mother. This added to Andi’s confusion and he felt let down. He started to change, his unrestrained anger caused him to become rebellious and as a result, Andi started getting himself into trouble. Together with his gang, they set fire to a market and the police added his name to their wanted list. He also started using drugs and Islam was pushed aside in his life.

Sleeping under the pulpit
Through a friend, Andi was introduced to a pastor who invited Andi to live with him and his wife. The pastor was very poor and his house small, but if Andi was willing to stay in the church, he could sleep under the pulpit.

One night Andi heard a voice telling him that his father will soon be in financial trouble. At the time, Andi didn’t know whose voice it was and in his heart, he said, “Oh please God, let me sleep.” But then the voice came again, saying the same thing.

In the morning, Andi went to school and by the afternoon he received news that his father was bankrupt. Andi received a phone call from home advising him creditors had come and taken all the furniture from their house. Now Andi was curious to know who or what that voice was. Andi had read that Jesus is the Word of God and this convinced him that it had been Jesus but he felt it was too late as he had done nothing about it.

Over the next two years, the pastor helped Andi learn more about Jesus and in 2010 Andi decided to reconcile with his father. Andi wanted to share about Jesus and hoped his father would seek Andi’s forgiveness for his infidelity. Instead his father chased Andi out of the house wielding his Madurese sickle with the intent to harm Andi. Fleeing the area in fear of his life, Andi lived with a Christian family who would eventually support him to study at a school of theology.

Reaching out to the unreached
After watching a movie about unreached people groups and being challenged by the reaction it produced in his heart, Andi began to understand that God’s plan for his life was to minister to the Muslim world. Immediately he started to share about Isa Almasih (Jesus) and many Muslims became believers. Jesus was now their Saviour and many miracles followed. “I know He lives!” shouted Andi.

This was the beginning of Andi’s journey in serving the Lord.

Miracles in the name of Jesus
Today, he has seen many Muslims believe in Jesus. He has prayed for the sick and they have been healed, for the possessed and they have been set free. When asked, “What power are you using?” Andi says, “There is only one power that can defeat evil and it is Isa, the Son of God.”

Andi had recently returned from a trip evangelising to the Javanese people. A father whose son was sick approached Andi and asked him to pray for his son and his son was healed. The father then asked Andi to teach him about Isa and after four weeks this father was born again and was baptised.

However, Andi carries a heavy burden in his heart. One day as his father was dying, he asked him if he would believe in Isa but his father said no. As Andi’s father closed his eyes, he said, “It’s so dark, I can’t see the way” and Andi understood that he couldn’t find his way to heaven. For Andi this came as a great sadness.

VOM is supporting Andi in his front line work of evangelising to the unreached people groups in Indonesia. Please pray for Andi as he seeks to preach the Gospel to his Muslim neighbours.