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IDOPyouth The 8 November 2015 is the International Day of Prayer For The Persecuted Church. Christians around the world will be praying for persecuted Christians. But don’t stop at just one day! Encourage your youth group to devote the entire month of November to praying and fundraising for persecuted Christians.

Get involved for a month of prayer

Download the resources below. Capture your prayers via phone and post them on social media with #idop and tag @vomaustralia.

Week 1 Show the video of Esther, a Bible college student in the Philippines. Pray for young Christians like Esther and the persecuted church worldwide, using the PowerPoint presentation (below) for prayer points. Invite youth to write their prayers on small cards and create a prayer wall for the month. Post your prayers online.

Week 2 Split into small groups. Give each group a specific country to pray for from the Global Report (below). Search our news articles for situations to pray for in each country. Post your prayers online.

Week 3 Dedicate the night to raising money for persecuted Christians. Charge $5 per person to help sponsor students in restricted countries. Show the video testimony of Max, an Indonesian Bible college student. Encourage youth to pray out loud for the persecuted church. Post your prayers online.

Week 4 Ask youth to download VOM’s free app. Using the Pray feature of the app, pray together in small groups. Setup a photobooth for youth to take selfies with a message for the persecuted church.

Don’t forget to use #idop and tag @vomaustralia! Questions? Email Thirteen Three here.


Esther is from a region in Philippines where Islamic militants want to take over the land and claim it as an Islamic State. In the video Esther explains what it was like growing up in this region and why she has chosen to go to Bible college despite the risks.


PowerPoint Presentation

Pdf Copy of PowerPoint Presentation

A3-Poster Prayer Map

Global Report 2015

Check out the VOM App for latest news, videos and prayer points.

Use the comments below to share fundraising ideas or links to your captured prayers.