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Indian Christian Awdhesh Savita was forcibly taken from his home and publicly humiliated for attempting to convert three Hindus to Christianity.

A mob of 200 members of the Bajrang Dal, a militant youth wing of the Hindu extremist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), attacked his home in Uttar Pradesh. They shaved his head, moustache and eyebrows, festooned him with a garland of shoes and paraded him through the streets of his village on a donkey.

When police arrived at the scene, the extremists initially refused to hand over the man. When reinforcements arrived, Awdhesh was transferred to the police station of Orai, the district capital.

Source: Asia News

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for Awdhesh’s endurance of humiliation for the sake of Christ. Pray that these events will only serve to advance the Gospel in his community.
  • Pray that Awdhesh will not be frightened into silence, but will be all the more eager to reach the lost with God’s Word.
  • Ask God to transform the enmity of these young Hindu extremists into passion for the Lord Jesus instead.

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