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On 14 January, three Christian women were attacked by Hindu extremists in Tamsai village (located near Navi, Mumbai). The incident took place while they were washing clothes at a public well. It all began because the 12-year-old daughter of one of the Christian women listened to Gospel songs on a mobile phone, causing the other villagers nearby to become enraged. These irritated people protested that Christian music should not be played within their hearing range.

Eventually, the number of angry villagers increased, developing into a mob of about 50 people. After gathering near the houses of the Christian women, those in the mob physically assaulted them. Apparently, the Hindu extremists of Tamsai are strongly opposed to the use of Christian worship during healing services. Yet despite their anti-Christian actions, and the resulting violence against believers, it has been reported that many Hindus in the vicinity are coming to Christ. Source: Release International