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Lawmakers in India are planning to introduce a bill that will ban religious conversion, prompting Christians to express concern that the proposed law will lead to further attacks and persecution targeting them in the mainly Hindu nation.

The legislative proposal, ironically called the “Religious Freedom Bill,” seeks to “prohibit conversion from one religion to another by the use of force or allurement or by fraudulent means.”

Indian parliamentarians plan to define “force” to include the threat of injury “including threat of divine displeasure.”

Under this definition, the bill will outlaw basic Christian doctrines, such as salvation, heaven and hell.

Many Christians fear that the law will be used to target Christian leaders and as a way to justify attacks on Christians after the fact. In states where similar laws are already on the books, attacks on Christians using the anti-conversion laws are common.

Source: International Christian Concern

Prayer Points

• Ask God to prevent this new bill from being passed by the Indian government.
• Pray that Indian Christians will not be deterred from sharing the good news of the Gospel with others and for encouragement and perseverance for those who have already suffered persecution for their witness.
• Pray that many Hindus, in a culture of many gods, will be drawn to Jesus Christ and eagerly accept His truth.