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Ramesh and his son Rahul were brutally attacked by a mob of 30 Hindu radicals while returning from a prayer meeting in Pipplipara village, Madhya Pradesh state on 10 July. They were both hospitalised due to serious injuries from the attack.

The attack took place at around 5pm.” Pastor Ramesh said. “My son and I travelled about two kilometres by motorcycle from Pipplipara village after meeting at Chattar Singh’s house for prayer.

We did not know that a mob was waiting for us,” Pastor Ramesh continued. “We were stopped by a mob of 30 Hindu radicals. They started beating us without giving us the chance to ask the reasons for the attack. In spite of us begging them to stop, they continued to attack and damaged our motorcycle.

They beat us for more than half an hour using sticks and wooden clubs,” Pastor Ramesh said. “My eyesight started to get blurry and I could hear the screams of my son and a voice from the crowd saying, ‘Kill them!’ Then I saw one person lifting a big rock to crash [on] my head and I thought to myself that they will kill us.

One of our church members came and rushed us to the hospital,” Pastor Ramesh recalled. “Rahul was unconscious, and I was partially conscious.”

Pastor Ramesh felt powerless when he attempted to file a complaint with the police about the incident. He was even threatened by a police officer when he issued the complaint, who said that he would be arrested for preaching about Jesus.

Back in October 2017, Pastor Ramesh and his church members suffered a similar attack and were jailed for six months on trumped up forced conversion charges. Pastor Ramesh later reported that they were beaten in jail and forced to complete menial tasks such as cleaning toilets.

Although India is a democratic nation, Christians across India are facing severe intolerance and discrimination. In spite of this, Pastor Ramesh has not given up hope in God and says that his faith has given him strength.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord for complete healing for Pastor Ramesh and Rahul. Pray the Lord will continue to comfort and strengthen them in their faith.
  • Pray for other believers in the community, may they be encouraged by the testimony of these two believers and be spurred on to continue to love and serve the Lord.
  • Pray for the perpetrators and those in authority in the area. May they too have an opportunity to learn of their need to be reconciled to God through Jesus.