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Fifteen Christian families from three villages in India’s Chhattisgarh state were left homeless after being attacked by religious fanatics.

On 22 September, members of the Sarya Adivasi Samaj (SAM) group summoned 15 Christian families to a meeting in Kakadabeda village. At the meeting, the Christians were told they had to recant their faith or they would be forced to leave their villages. When the Christians refused, SAM members attacked.

The Christians were beaten and forced to sign an affidavit which stated they agreed to stop receiving government subsidies, including basic food assistance that is normally distributed on a monthly basis.

After the meeting, SAM members attacked and demolished the homes of the Christians who refused to recant their faith. In total, 15 homes were demolished over the course of two days including 10 in Kakadabeda, two in Tiliyabeda, and three in Singanpur.

“The police and local authorities were not helpful as four homes were destroyed in their presence,” Shiyaram Payam, a local said. “No action was taken against those attacking the homes.”

Following the destruction of the 15 homes, the Christian families fled into the jungle for safety. Many fear further attacks by SAM members. Most are not confident they will receive any form of justice.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord for justice for these believers. Pray God will lead and provide for them.
  • Pray they will not grow weary or lose heart. May they be unified in their love for Him and encourage one another in the faith.
  • Thank God for their remarkable faithfulness. Pray their witness will be powerfully used by Him.

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