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Released from prison after more than 10 years of unjust incarceration, two of the men accused of murdering a Hindu leader, don’t know how they will now provide for their families.

Over the course of several months last year, all seven men originally accused of the murder were granted bail by India’s Supreme Court and released from prison. They had been in prison since 2008, when they were accused of killing a Hindu priest and sparking a massive riot that left 120 people dead in Kandhamal district, Odisha (formerly Orissa) state.

Recently, two of the former prisoners, Garnath Chalanseth and Bhaskar Sunamajhi, told a Christian worker they are unsure how they will be able to find jobs and support their families, since many in the area are still angry at them. Bhaskar told the Christian worker that he is afraid to go into the forest because of the risk of being attacked.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Ask the Lord, our provider to supply all seven men with work, to enable them to support their families.
  • Pray these men and their families may be granted favour by the members of their community, so they will be shown care and sympathy, as they deserve.
  • Ask the Lord to bring good from their many years of suffering.

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