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Four Indian Christians are suffering from acute injuries after they were attacked by a Hindu mob. Christians were worshipping together in a local house church on 20 October as celebrations for a Hindu festival commemorating the victories of Hindu gods over their adversaries were going on outside. A mob formed outside the home and began beating the Christians. One of the Christian women was dragged outside by eight men, brutally raped and cut with a knife. One man suffered a broken knee, while another believer had six ribs and his back broken.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points 

• Pray for full recovery from injuries for the believers who were attacked, and for a spirit of love and forgiveness toward their persecutors.
• Pray that the house church will not be daunted from meeting, and that their presence and witness will be a channel for local Hindus to accept the Gospel.
• Ask God to bring Scripture verses to the mind of the believers to reassure and sustain the believers after the horrors they have experienced.

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