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The Indian government claimed it would start protecting religious minorities and took the occasion to pitch for a national anti-conversion law.

Hindu nationalists have been advocating for a national anti-conversion law, claiming that it would ease tensions between religious groups. Unfortunately, when these laws have been implemented at the state level, they have often been used to discriminate against religious minorities. Radicals use the law to falsely accuse Christian pastors of forced conversions to stop these pastors from evangelising.


Sources: International Christian Concern, Business Standard

Prayer Points


  • Pray that India would cease its persecution of Christians in India and begin to protect religious rights of minorities.
  • Pray that those in authority and those who falsely accuse believers of forcible conversion will see that the message of the Gospel is one of a free gift, not coercion, and respond in faith to Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  • Pray that God would encourage the believers who are persecuted, that they would be strong in Him and never lose hope in Him.