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Three months of intimidation and assaults by Hindu extremists in two villages in eastern India has left four Christians hospitalised and others injured. Two houses were damaged and the Christian community has been unable to do business or draw water from the town well, church leaders report.

The most recent attack occurred on 22 June in Goudaguda village. A group used bamboo sticks to beat up Bina Madhi and his wife Ermi Madhi, and church member Jagarnath Maekani in an attempt to drive the Christians off their farmland.

In many parts of India, Christians and Hindus live together peacefully. In some regions, however, nationalist Hindus are aggressively campaigning to make India a purely Hindu society.

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Pray the Lord will ease tensions, ask Him to enable the Christians to be a witness for the Gospel.
  • Pray He will work in the hearts and minds of those who oppose Him to bring about repentance and faith.
  • Ask the Lord to heal the injured, comfort the frightened and provide for believers in the area.