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Family and friends of eight Christian workers in India were elated when the men were acquitted of all charges.

Nine years ago, the men were serving in a Children’s Bible Club sponsored by Mission India. The attackers disrupted the meeting, beating those attending and burning Bibles and other materials. The workers were then charged with “forceful conversion.”

Since the charges were first laid, the men were forced to appear in court almost every month. Some had to travel for 12 hours to get to the court, only to have their case postponed or changed. Two of them died without seeing the case resolved.

In early March, news finally came through that the remaining six were cleared of all charges.

Source: Mission Network News

  • Ask the Lord to use the testimony of these believers to strengthen the faith of others in the area and spur them on to stand firm when opposed.
  • Pray for the workers as they make decisions about their future ministry prospects and as they adjust to life without this burden. Pray for those spreading the Gospel throughout India.
  • Pray the government will make efforts to ensure the practice of withholding justice over such a long period does not occur again.