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A proposed amendment to the “Freedom of Religion” law in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh poses a threat to potential conversion to Christianity. The amendment stipulates a mandatory one-month advance notice to the district magistrate by both a prospective convert and the minister who wishes to preside over a conversion ceremony. It also provides more stringent punishment (a 3-4 year prison term) and heftier fines for non-compliance.

Christians are concerned this amendment grants too much power to local authorities, who are likely to intimidate those of a minority religion and hinder genuine conversions. It will also encourage the harassment of Christian pastors and anyone seeking to evangelise.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Please pray the Lord will empower believers in Madhya Pradesh to continue to preach the Gospel without fear.
  • Pray the proposed amendment will not be implemented.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will be at work throughout this nation, bringing revelation, conviction and repentance to many.