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A Pastor in Uttar Pradesh state was recently attacked and beaten during his church service, a VOM worker reports. Near the end of the service, a group of Hindu men attacked Pastor “Caleb,” tied him to a tree and beat him. The attackers, who apparently were directed by Hindu leaders in the village, broke Pastor Caleb’s arm during the beating.

VOM partners are helping provide medical treatment and urging police to prosecute the attackers. Pastor Caleb’s church has been threatened in the past by high caste families. About five families who have faithfully remained with the church had angered villagers by refusing to offer a gift to a Hindu goddess.

A group from the village also became angry when the Christian families refused to help with the wedding of a high caste family’s daughter. Pastor ‘Caleb’ continues his ministry.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs

• Pray Pastor Caleb will be completely healed.
• Thank the Lord for Caleb’s faithfulness and willingness to continue his ministry.
• Pray others will be spurred on to preach the Gospel (Philippians 1:14) and win others for Christ.