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Pastor Jai is unable to walk after extremists took turns to beat him in a vicious assault earlier this month. His attackers are still at large – yet he has been charged with “forced conversion”.

A huge mob surrounded his house church in Bichpari, Haryana state, before around 30 people dragged Pastor Jai outside, along with the house owner, Naresh, and attacked them. Pastor Jai was then driven to a Hindu temple, where the beatings continued.

Hours later, the extremists handed Pastor Jai over to police, broken and bloodstained. He was formally charged with offering people money to convert, along with Naresh and several other Christians. Pastor Jai was held until a judge granted him bail, two days after the attack.

Though church members have pressed charges against the extremists, none has yet been detained. Naresh has been evicted from his business premises and socially ostracised.

Extremist attacks in this part of Haryana are happening in response to church growth, according to local Christians.

Sources: Morning Star News, Release International

  • Pray for healing and justice for Pastor Jai, Naresh and their congregation.
  • Thank God for the church growth in the area and pray that believers will not be overwhelmed by fear.
  • Ask God to provide for Pastor Jai and his fellow Christians. Like many believers in India, they work as day labourers and struggle to make ends meet.

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