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A pastor and his family in north-east India had a narrow escape when Christian villagers managed to head off a violent attack by extremists.

The mob brandishing swords, bricks and rods were minutes away from reaching the family after smashing their way into their home in Bihar state and threatening to kill them.

Pastor Palathingal Johnson called for help using his mobile phone and a crowd of about 50 Christians in the area  responded immediately. The mob of around ten to 15 people, realised they were outnumbered and fled. The pastor had earlier called the police but could not get through.

The attackers shouted Hindu slogans as they smashed windows and broke in through the roof. The family barricaded themselves into one room: the children hid under the bed and their parents braced themselves against the door as the mob tried to force it from the other side.

“That moment I could see death face to face,” said Pastor Palathingal. “A delay of two more minutes would have cost us our lives. We constantly kept on chanting, ‘There is victory in the blood of Christ.’”

Sources: Morning Star News, Release International

  • Praise God for the way He delivered Pastor Palathingal and his family. Pray for continued care and protection.
  • Pray that this family and other Christians in the village will stand firm in their faith.
  • Pray that the local police will take firm action and arrest the attackers and prevent further attacks.

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