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Around 40 Christians in the village of Balanagar gathered in the house of a local Christian on 12 October to hold a prayer meeting. At approximately 7:30pm a mob of 60 Hindu radicals, led by the former village council president, Mr Sati Srinivasulu, stormed into the house shouting anti-Christian slogans. Without explanation, the mob of radicals began beating the Christians.

One Christian was severely injured when he was hit in the head with a brick by one of the radicals.

Not even the Christian women and children were spared from the beating. Swapna, a 25-year-old Christian woman who was four months pregnant at the time, begged the radicals to spare her because of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the radicals beat Swapna as severely as the other Christians. Following the attack, Swapna was rushed to the hospital where doctors told her she had lost her baby.

The Christians filed a First Information Report against their assailants at the local police station. Authorities arrested seven individuals connected to the assault, but all of those taken into custody were released on bail later that day.

Source: International Christian Concern

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Swapna and her husband; ask the Lord to minister to them to bring comfort and encouragement during their time of grief.
  • Pray the Christians who were affected will be granted complete physical healing by the Lord; ask Him to strengthen their faith so they may focus on Jesus and be spurred on to follow Him, though they have been sorely tested.
  • Pray for the perpetrators; may they receive justice in this life and be brought to repentance for the next.

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