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On Saturday, 11 December, a group of Christians in India’s Karnataka state were attacked by radical Hindu nationalists as they were visiting the homes of other Christians as part of a regular Christmas programme.

The radicals reportedly harassed the Christians, burned three boxes of Christian literature, and later accused the Christians of engaging in illegal religious conversions.

The incident took place in Srinivasapura

village, located in the Kolar District of Karnataka. A group of Christians, led by Pastor Anjinappa and Mr Sathyaraj, were confronted by a mob of 20 radical Hindu nationalists as they were visiting the homes of other Christians for Christmas greetings.

The radicals encircled the Christians, shouting abusive language. Other radicals broke into a car being used by the Christians, removed three boxes of Gospels, and burned them using petrol. Police were called to the scene and took the Christians and several members of the radical mob to the police station.

At the station, the Christians were further harassed by the police after they were accused of engaging in illegal religious conversions. The radicals pushed police to stop any Christian from entering Srinivasapura village to lead any kind of Christian prayer. Before leaving the station, the police forced the Christians to sign a letter agreeing to not lead any Christian prayers in Srinivasapura village.

Across India’s Karnataka state, attacks on Christians and their places of worship have sharply escalated as the state government prepares to propose the enactment of an anti-conversion law. For months, BJP politicians have promised to enact the controversial law, citing false claims of widespread illegal conversions to Christianity. Many believe this anti-conversion law will be proposed in the current session of the state’s legislative assembly.

Source: International Christian Concern

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to help the believers caught up in the incident. Pray they will overcome any fear.
  • Thank the Lord for the way He is at work in India in spreading the Gospel of peace. Pray many who currently oppose Christianity will be softened and will turn to seek Christ in repentance.
  • Thank God for the boldness of Christian pastors and evangelists. Pray they will be wise and faithful in sharing the Gospel.