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Six house church leaders were released on 16-17 October after being detained for a month on false charges that they forced Hindus to convert to Christianity.

The five men and one woman rejoiced that during their time in prison they were able to share the Gospel with fellow prisoners.

The arrests occurred soon after state officials in Jharkhand state passed the strictest anti-conversion law in India. This has caused many Christians in Jharkhand state to become increasingly fearful. With the implementation of this new law, in the future, an increase in the persecution of Christians is predicted.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that the faith of these six church leaders will remain strong and that they will use their testimony to share the Gospel unafraid.
  • Pray that God will use their testimony to encourage other believers to hold fast to their faith in Christ despite the challenges ahead.
  • Pray the Lord will fill His people with His Spirit so they will endure, remain faithful and that His church will grow throughout Jharkhand state and across India.