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Earlier this month, a mob of Hindu nationalists assembled outside the house of a local Christian pastor in Shyampura village, Madhya Pradesh.

According to local sources, at around 7pm on 1 April, more than 100 radical Hindu nationalists burst into the house where six Christians were praying. The mob ransacked the house and attacked the Christians, before ultimately handing them over to the police.

All six Christians were charged with conversion charges, and three were sent to jail.

Prior to the arrests, the mob threatened the Christians with dire consequences if they didn’t stop the prayers. After an hour of harassment, the meeting was called off. Three of the Christians fled the house, fearing further abuse. The mob then went to the police station and organised a sit-in protest, demanding that the police file First Information Report against the six Christians.

The police agreed to arrest the Christians after the mob claimed that they used derogative language against Hindu gods and goddesses. At midnight, the police arrived at the house and arrested the three remaining Christians. The bail petition was rejected.

A local Christian who requested anonymity said, “The right-wing groups are threatening lawyers who tried to help Christians in filing a bail petition, there is so much fear in the village and around, all the Christian activities including worship services and prayers are postponed.” He added, “It is very sad that law and order are in such condition, that anybody can accuse Christians, and police just act against these victims.

The situation in the state has gone from bad to worse. The enactment of the stringent anti-conversion law in the state has spelled doom for Christians in legalising the abuse they face. We pray for their resilience and are inspired by their bravery.

Source: International Christian Concern

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to minister to the detained Christians. May they remember His promises and experience His presence.
  • Pray the Lord would remove the burden of fear from the Christian community. Pray they may make the most of every opportunity to meet together, to encourage one another in the faith.
  • Ask God to be at work in the police and the fanatics. Ask Him to reveal Himself to many. Pray the local Christian witness will be powerful.