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Aceh’s provincial administration and legislative council have approved a new by-law that will force everyone in Aceh to abide by Sharia (Islamic) Law.

The Qanun Jinayat (a by-law governing behaviour) will apply to the territory of Aceh. Muslims and non-Muslims, local population and visitors, will all have to observe Sharia, following Islamic codes of dress and behaviour.

Christians who violate Sharia will be tried under Islamic law and punished accordingly (usually lashing).

Councillor Abdulah Saleh said it was important to have one law for all so that Muslims did not feel they were being treated unfairly.

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Indonesian authorities will uphold constitutional freedom of religion.
  • Pray the Lord will provide Christians wisdom and insight to cope with these changes in legislation.
  • Ask God to bring many Indonesian Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ.