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Another church in Indonesia has been forced to close this month due to protests from local community members.

The congregation at New Testament Christian Church in Central Java, were meeting on Sunday 16 February when protestors entered the building demanding that the church service halt. Local residents and wider community members were armed with posters demanding the closure as police arrived to mediate.

The church’s pastor asked if he could finish the service and meet with the sub district office later. He was granted permission but unfortunately, the subsequent meeting was unsuccessful.

The protestors attended the meeting, along with police and the Indonesian Clerics Council, and asserted that the building should not be used for Christian activities. Although the pastor didn’t sign an official agreement, the church was forced to close.

Source: VOM Contacts Indonesia

  • Pray the Lord will uphold the faith of these believers. Pray the church members will be even more determined to worship together, without fear.
  • Pray for wisdom for the church leaders as they make decisions concerning their church and future ministry.
  • Pray the conduct of believers may be used by God as a witness for the Gospel.

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