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In various areas of the world where Islam is dominant, tactics are being used by militants to stop the spread of Christianity. One way is to target young Christian girls.

According to Greg Kelley of World Mission, Islamic leaders in Indonesia have been training young men to seduce and impregnate Christian girls, often forcibly. Due to cultural pressure, and the shame that is brought on the families, the victimised girls are often forced to marry into a Muslim family.

Many of the country’s Christians are impoverished. Knowing this, the girls’ attackers will go to the families and agree to forgo any dowries. Because of the overwhelming shame, these families frequently agree. Once married, the targeted girls end up being cut off from their families, often serving as one of their perpetrators’ multiple wives.

While these girls may now be living under the influence of Islam and forcibly converted, in many cases, they remain discretely loyal to Christ. Therefore, they are able to influence their own families. However, any open demonstration of their Christian faith can result in divorce, which would bring further shame and ostracisation.

Source: Mission Network News

  • Pray for the protection of vulnerable Christian girls in Indonesia and other parts of the Muslim world.
  • Remember those who have been forced into marriage. Ask the Lord to strengthen them in their faith and help them to endure. Pray for their families.
  • Pray for the perpetrators. That their eyes will be opened to the truth of the Gospel, resulting in them surrendering their own lives to Christ.

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