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Officials closed a church in Central Indonesia after neighbours protested its existence.

Pastor Tigor Yunus Sitorus built a home in the Bantul neighbourhood in 2003 intending for it to double as a house church. When community members learned he was using the house for non-Muslim religious activity, they protested. “We are the Muslim majority; we are obliged to keep the faith of our children and grandchildren, whose faith can be tainted in the long run if influenced by the existence of the church,” they said.

Authorities granted Pastor Tigor a church building permit on 15 January. However, after continued conflict, an official revoked the permit on 26 July and forced the congregation to worship elsewhere.

Indonesia has religious freedom, but communities and Muslim extremist groups often influence local officials to act in favour of the Muslim majority.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that the church will continue to gather, despite the loss of their building.
  • Pray for Pastor Tigor, ask the Lord to grant him wisdom as he deals with authorities and makes future plans for the church.
  • Pray for those who opposed the church, may they too have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

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