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Two Christians in Indonesia have been given a three-year jail sentence after being arrested originally for ‘evangelising Muslims’.

The two Christians, known as Kashfi Rasyid and Jalaludin, were convicted despite their lawyer’s insistence in court that the trial violated their human rights. Much of the debate in court revolved around whether or not the pair were in fact still Muslims because of their religious background. The men insisted they were Christians.

Five other families associated with the ministry which the men lead were forced to flee for their lives. VOM partner Release International has provided practical support to help them to resettle elsewhere.

Lawyers for the two men say they plan to appeal to a higher court.

Source: Release International

  • Pray that Kashfi Rasyid and Jalaludin’s appeal will be heard quickly and will be successful.
  • Ask God to sustain them and strengthen their faith during their detention.
  • Ask God to protect the other members of their ministry.
  • Pray that God will use them and their witness to draw many others to Him.