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A young female pastor was found dead this week in the Oki District of South Sumatra, Indonesia. The body of Pastor Melinda Zidemi was found on Tuesday.

Melinda Zidemi was a pastor and church activist in the Sungai Baung area. The “polite” and “kind” pastor was well known by locals and plantation workers alike as she often came to speak with them.

“She cared for everybody”, one of the workers said.

Local police said it was likely that she had been raped and strangled to death by attackers before they abandoned her body in the plantation.

The young witness (of about 10 years old) described two men to police.

Update 11/4/2019 – The two men accused of killing Melinda have now been arrested.

Source: VOM Contacts

  • Ask the Lord to comfort and minister to those who mourn the loss of this young pastor. Please remember her family, her church, members of the community and the young witness.
  • Thank the Lord that her loved ones do not need to grieve as those who have no hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). May they take enormous comfort, that she is with her Lord.
  • Pray for the authorities seeking the perpetrators. Pray too for those responsible, that they would feel great conviction and that they may be brought to repentance.

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