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Our recent visit to Indonesia highlighted how God uses HIS methods to reach those whom HE uses for HIS kingdom.

The outpouring of the hearts of the faithful as they recount their testimonies of how God used them to reach the seemingly unreachable Muslims and see them come to Christ and worship ‘Isa al-Masih’ (Jesus Christ), is truly astounding.

Our team agreed, the key word which frequently came to our minds during the visit to the persecuted believers of Indonesia, was ‘COMMITMENT’. This become evident as they recounted stories of faithful perseverance through extreme hardship. Even as they are pursued by Muslim radicals opposed to the Gospel, they are boldly spreading the message of the ‘Good News’ to those whom God has directed them.

A Muslim cleric described how he saw Jesus in a vision, which perturbed him so much he had to know more. He now serves ‘Isa al-Masih’ and shares with his Muslim brothers how his life has been transformed by the ‘Living God’, despite the great cost to his life. We also met a believer who was coaxed into consuming poison to prove her God is real. She survived.

This is faith being tested in the most extreme conditions but as the Lord Himself has said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you” Hebrews 13:5.

In recalling these stories, I am challenged to reflect on how far I would go to share God’s Word.

Through your generosity and faithfulness, you are equipping us to reach these very believers and prepare them for what God has in store for them in reaching the unsaved, for Him. Upon reflection, these dear brothers and sisters in Christ declare without hesitation that should the worst happen, they would die for the Gospel.

As our visit ended we prayed with these brave men and women of God and asked ‘Isa al-Masih’ to bless and keep them safe as they do His work. As we send them on their way, we are in awe of their commitment and resolve to see Muslims come to Christ.

Be blessed as you read the stories of real people performing amazing feats of faith as they place their reliance on Jesus with little regard of the consequence.

In Christ,
Tony Benjamin