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A house church in East Java, Indonesia, is being pressured by local authorities and the Islamic group Wahidiyah to stop meeting in a pastor’s home.

Although neighbours did not initially object to the house church, some have begun to complain since authorities and the Islamic group publicly criticized the pastor for meeting without a religious permit.

The group of about 30 Christians is now meeting in another believer’s home to avoid conflict, and the pastor is scheduled to meet with village administrators and sign a letter agreeing to stop meeting in his home.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for the pastor as he interacts with area Islamic and government leaders. May he be led by the Spirit and be given words of wisdom.
  • Pray that the house church members will stand firm in their faith and share God’s love with others in
    their community.
  • Pray they will not give up meeting together but take every opportunity to encourage one another in the faith, worship the Lord and learn from His word.

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