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Many Christians are facing increased persecution during the coronavirus pandemic, especially in parts of Indonesia where even small family gatherings of Christians are being protested.

Pastor Si of Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) church was gathering with a very small group of family in his home last Sunday when a Muslim Hajj and neighbourhood leader barged in.

β€œThe men were yelling in anger with a piece of timber, demanding we stop our meeting immediately,” said Pastor Si.

Pastor Si took a video of the incident as he is fearful the attacks will worsen and mobs will again form to threaten him. Pastor Si has previously experienced similar incidents. Years ago, his family were terrorised by a mob throwing stones at their roof every night for a whole month.

Pastor Si says he is confused by the Sunday attack as he has respected all government advice by staying home and not organising large meetings or inviting outsiders.

Pastor Si uploaded the video to his Instagram account and the governor responded saying he would investigate. Unfortunately, no progress was made and Pastor Si was even asked to apologise to the protestors. He has since taken the video to the police and is awaiting an outcome.

Source: VOM Indonesian contacts

  • Pray for justice and protection for Pastor Si.
  • Pray Pastor Si and his family will not be fearful, grow weary or lose heart. Pray they will be determined to fervently pray for those who oppose them and the Gospel.
  • Pray the church in Indonesia will be used as a powerful witness during the COVID-19 crisis.

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