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When her husband divorced her, and her father considered her a disgrace because she was unable to bear children, Jasmine went to find an old friend for help.

When she knocked on the door, an older woman named Huma answered and told her that her friend had moved. Seeing the anxiety on Jasmine’s face, Huma invited her in.

After talking for a while, Huma, who lived alone, invited Jasmine to stay with her for a few days. Jasmine accepted, and while there, she observed curiously as small groups gathered to sing and pray. “I found that they were Christians and they had given their heart to Jesus,” Jasmine said.

A few days turned into two years, and during that time Jasmine adopted two young girls, giving her the children she never expected to have. Around the same time, Huma invited Jasmine to attend a baptism. Jasmine had already started reading the Bible regularly and learning more about Jesus, and the secret baptism moved her deeply.

“I went to Huma and told her I wanted to be baptised,”

Jasmine recalled. After talking and praying with a pastor, Jasmine confessed her sins, acknowledged the saving work of Christ and received baptism. She said she never would have come to know Him if not for Huma’s generous heart. “Huma and my new family in Jesus helped me to grow in God’s Word,” she said.

“God blessed me with this new family to heal me and show me the way to righteousness.”

Huma died a short time later, leaving her home to Jasmine and her two daughters. Jasmine, overwhelmed by grief, felt anchorless and gradually stopped attending church. Then, one of her daughters found a package in the mail and Jasmine’s grief turned to joy. A Christian worker in Iran had sent her several Bibles and a Christian magazine.

“I was overwhelmed by this gift,” Jasmine said. “I thought to myself, ‘It’s been a while since we attended a church group.’ I was about to forget that I’m a believer, but our Lord never forgets His children. He sent me this gift to remind me what He has done in my life and why I have been here in this house. I want to say thank you to the people who sent us this gift that opened my eyes again.”