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When the coronavirus pandemic began, Aref and his wife, Liana, were happy to follow Iran’s lockdown because their age put them at risk.

One day while getting some fresh air in a local park, they were approached by a man who talked to them briefly about God and gave them a Bible. Aref gave it a quick look and, when he got home, placed it on a bookshelf.

Months later Aref had a dream about a light shining brightly from the bookshelf and a voice saying, “I will reveal the true way to you. You will find Me there.”

“The next morning, I thought about my dream,” he said, “and then I went to the bookshelf and grabbed the Bible after eight months. I opened it with more passion and, curiously, I remembered also the guy who gave me this book.”

After reading some passages in the Bible, Aref returned to the first page and found contact information for the man who had given it to him. “I grabbed my phone and called the number to ask about my dream and questions that came to mind about God,” Aref said.
Today, Aref is connected to a ministry that answers his questions and prays with him, leading him closer to Jesus Christ.