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Iranian Christians are thankful that Rokhsareh (Mahrokh) Ghanbari has been released from prison.

Mahrokh was convicted of “propaganda against the system” after a hearing at Karaj Revolutionary Court on 27 July 2019 and sentenced to one year in prison. She was initially arrested shortly before Christmas 2018, when three agents from Iranian intelligence raided her home. She was detained for ten days and endured intense interrogation.

Mahrokh started serving her prison sentence at Kachui Prison, Karaj, on 14 October 2019. She was released temporarily as of 2 March because of the COVID-19 pandemic, after providing security. On 2 April prison authorities informed Mahrokh that she was no longer required to return to prison. It is expected that she will be able to reclaim the money put down as security.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran, around 85,000 prisoners have been released, including some Christians. However, Christians convicted on political charges, such as “acting against national security” have been refused release, along with other political prisoners.

Source: Middle East Concern

  • Thank the Lord for Mahrokh’s early release. Pray that her testimony may strengthen other believers.
  • Pray she will be healed from any trauma associated with her detention and adjust well to normal life.
  • Pray for the Christians detained on political charges who face exposure to COVID-19 infection, that they will know God’s protection and consolation and will also be released

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