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On 15 November, Iranian Christian convert Saheb Zaman Fadaie received 80 lashes for drinking communion wine. He is the second Christian to have this sentence implemented in two months.

This sentence was issued against Fadaie, as well as two others, in September 2016. They also received a 10 year prison sentence for acting against national security, which they began serving in 2018. This past May, their prison sentences were reduced, Fadaie will be imprisoned for six years.

The Iranian regime’s harsh suppression of conscience is well-documented and internationally recognised. In terms of religious freedom, they are one of the worst violators across the globe. This persecution has not prevented the church from existing and growing, but it is nevertheless deeply challenging and impactful on congregants.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Middle East Concern

  • Pray that God will bring healing and consolation to Saheb after this punishment. Ask the Lord to provide comfort and strength to him as he remains in prison.
  • Ask God to support and comfort Saheb’s wife and children as they continue to suffer separation.
  • Praise God for the remarkable church growth in Iran. Pray the oppression from the authorities will be used by God to embolden the faith of believers.

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