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Farshid Fathi (34), a Christian convert activist who is currently serving a six year term in the infamous Evin Prison in Tehran, explained in a letter how he has been subjected to severe mental torture.

He wrote, ‘I was told falsely that my wife had been arrested as well, and that I needed to give my [two] children’s custody to someone temporarily. I was also informed, falsely, that my dad had a heart attack and was hospitalised. Then they wouldn’t give me any follow-up news on whether he was dead or alive. It was all intended to put me under mental pressure.’

In reality, his father is fine, and his wife and two children fled Iran in 2011. They are now in Canada.

Farshid, a Christian convert from Islam, was charged with ‘acting against national security through membership of a Christian organisation, collection of funds, propaganda against the Islamic Regime by helping spread Christianity in the country,’ and sentenced to six years of imprisonment on 5 March 2012.

In a previous letter, Farshid had written to his father, in which he said, ‘Often I have been sorrowful because of certain things, but I have never been a slave of sadness. Often I have been insulted, humiliated and accused, but I have never doubted my identity in Christ…. My Lord has never left me.’

Sources: Voice of the Martyrs USA, Mohabat News, Assist News Service

  • Please pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain Farshid and his family.
  • Pray for his release.
  • Ask the Lord to use Farshid and prisoners of faith like him to be the light of Christ to many in the prison.