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A judge in Iran has sentenced four Christians to 10 years imprisonment each for engaging in missionary activities and “conducting activities against national security.”

Judge Ahmedzadeh handed down the sentences in the case involving Iranian national Nasser Navard Goltape, and Yusif Farhadov, Eldar Gurbanov and Bahram Nasibov from the Republic of Azerbaijan during a hearing held on 23 May. However, the judgement was not communicated to them until 12 June.

Although the men are appealing the sentences, local sources are pessimistic about the outcome, despite the lack of evidence against them, as the authorities appear determined to use the case to make a punitive statement.

The four men were arrested on 24 June 2016, after travelling to Tehran on an informal visit to their Christian friends. They were confined in Evin Prison, where they initially spent around two months in solitary confinement enduring regular interrogation, before being moved to Ward 350. They were released on bail on 29 October 2016, and the three Azeris were allowed to return to their country on 7 November 2016, having paid the full bail amount. The Azeri Christians may forfeit bail by not returning to Iran; however, Mr Navard Goltape does not have this option.

Mansour Borji, advocacy director of Article 18, an organisation that defends persecuted Christians in Iran, expressed deep concern at the sentences, pointing out that: “this recent verdict by Iran’s revolutionary court is particularly alarming, as many other Iranian Christians are still awaiting trial for exercising their right to worship as Christians in privacy of their homes.”

Previously, the maximum sentence issued in such cases was five years, and in cases where defendants received two five year sentences, these were reduced on appeal. According to records compiled by Article 18, in the last three months Judge Ahmadzadeh has sentenced at least 16 Christians to between five and 10 years imprisonment.

Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

  • Ask the Lord to grant courage to these men and their families. Pray they will commit all things to Him and not be fearful.
  • Commit to the Lord the appeal, pray for the legal representatives, may the Lord’s favour rest upon them. Pray for justice.
  • Pray these men may exemplify the love of God through consistent prayer for those who persecute them (Matthew 5:43-48).