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Earlier this month, we requested urgent prayer for Amir, a young Christian man sentenced to death after being caught with a load of Bibles.

In Iran, publishing, importing or reprinting Bibles or Christian literature is illegal.

We are pleased to report that a judge has rescheduled Amir’s sentencing date. Although the trial has been delayed, the 32-year-old’s family remains very concerned.

Elsewhere in the country, Matthias Haghnejad, a pastor, has been charged with “Moharebeh,” meaning “enmity against God.” A crime of this nature is potentially punishable by death. Matthias was arrested on 5 July at his home, along with two others. There are fears that this charge may begin a new trend of oppression against all converts to Christianity, including those currently charged with national security crimes.

Sources: VOM USA, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord that Amir’s sentencing trial has been postponed. Please join his family and friends in praying that the charges against him will be dropped and he will be free to return home.
  • Please intercede on behalf of Matthias and his friends, asking God to make a way for their acquittal and release from detention. In the meantime, pray that the faith of all these believers will be strengthened, giving them the courage needed to stand firm despite the threat of death.
  • Pray that through their testimonies, many other prisoners will hear about Jesus and accept His gift of salvation.