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American Pastor Saeed Abedini has now spent over 1000 days in captivity in Iran – nearly three years suffering in prison – separated from his wife, Naghmeh, and their two young children.

Pastor Saeed has endured much in the past 1000 days. He still suffers from physical injuries that require much-needed medical attention – injuries received from past beatings by prison guards. He also faces psychological torture and as recently as a couple of weeks ago, he received another round of beatings, this time at the hands of fellow inmates instead of prison guards.

The imprisonment followed his conviction of undermining the national security of Iran. However, Pastor Saeed was merely working to establish a government-approved orphanage when he was arrested and charged for his work with Iranian Christians from 2000-2005.

US Congress and President Obama have called for his release, but he remains in prison even as the United States and others are in the midst of the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Fox News

Prayer Points

• Pray for the swift and safe release of Pastor Saeed; in the meantime, pray he will not lose heart but will be strengthened in mind and in faith by the Lord.
• Pray for Pastor Saeed’s healing as he continues to endure many physical and psychological traumas; pray the Lord will protect him.
• Pray Pastor Saeed may be used by the Lord to encourage others to put their faith in Him.

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