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With the recent clashes between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi Army in the Nineveh Plains of Northern Iraq, hundreds of Christians have been forced to flee the Christian town of Teleskuf, located about 24km north of Mosul.

Teleskuf fell into the hands of the Islamic State (IS, Daesh) in 2014 and was liberated in 2016. The town was rebuilt with the help of the international community enabling hundreds of Christian families to return to their homes.

“Christians and Yazidis have repeatedly asked the international community for support in creating their own nonpartisan security and local administration, but nothing has been done to facilitate this. Instead, Christians and Yazidis have now begun their fourth year living in camps while political parties with militias vie for control of the Nineveh Plains and Sinjar.” CSW Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas.

Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

  • Pray the Lord will answer the prayers of His people and bring peace to the region.
  • Pray the Lord will help them overcome the severe trauma they have endured and to strengthen their faith and trust in Him.
  • Pray the Lord will cause world leaders to ensure that principles of transparency, human rights and equal citizenship are upheld at all times and that religious minorities are treated fairly.