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Throughout northern Iraq and Syria, the scourge of ISIS, the Islamic State, has forced thousands and thousands into a life without homes, jobs and family. While they face an uncertain future, churches are helping fill that void with help and hope.

Many of the churches in Erbil opened their doors, literally, to the many Christian refugees fleeing the advance of ISIS. They said they feel it’s part of the church’s calling to provide refuge for families like these.

The Kurdsman Church transformed its building into a true sanctuary. “The building is for the humanity,” Pastor Majeed Mohammed, who has opened the doors for both Christians and non-Christians, told CBN News.

“We wanted to show those people we don’t care if they are Christians, Yazidis, or Muslims. We don’t care about that,” Mohammed said. “They are human beings and they have been kicked out of their homes by ISIS. We wanted to show them that as Christians we love them and are very glad to have them here and save them.”

One man led a mini-exodus of several families to the Kurdsman Church. “On behalf of all the people here, Pastor Majeed is really showing the love of Jesus,” he said.

Their long-term fate remains one of the major questions in this humanitarian crisis.

Source: Breaking Christian News, CBN News

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for the churches in Erbil who are willing to show hospitality to strangers; pray the Lord will use this witness to encourage the faith of believers and further extend His kingdom.
  • Pray for the long-term fate of these displaced people, that they may be provided with a safe haven.
  • Ask the Lord to bring an end to the violence and bring peace to Iraq.