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People need the Gospel, don’t they? More than anything else. We need to share the Good News with the lost and encourage believers with God’s Word.

But what about when physical needs are more urgent; when a person needs help to survive before they’re in a position to hear the Gospel? We can’t ignore physical needs to focus on giving them Bibles.

Helping meet the humanitarian needs of people can create great opportunities to witness about Jesus to people. Of course, we have to be careful we don’t get so busy helping with practical things that we lose sight of our intention to tell people about Jesus.

On top of that, we want to make disciples of Jesus, not just converts. That means taking time to teach and lead believers to maturity in Christ.

How do we balance all these things?

And what projects should I support? Evangelism ones? Discipleship ones? Ones that meet people’s more visible needs?

We want people to know God’s love, but real love is seen in action.

This is why I love Bibles Plus.

Bibles Plus means Bibles. It’s giving families and individuals their own copy of God’s Word so they can not only hear the Gospel but study and grow in the Scriptures, and also be able to share it with others themselves.

And it comes with a Plus. Food to help feed families in poverty. Blankets to keep them warm, or mosquito nets, or mats to sleep on. These are simple things that make a huge difference in people’s lives when their needs are really urgent.

But that’s not all. Bibles Plus isn’t just a gift of food and a Bible handed out at random to people in a foreign country. It’s carefully planned, sourced and distributed by local church leaders in each country to ensure the Bibles Plus packs are given where they’re really needed. The recipients are cared for by VOM workers and church leaders; they’re discipled and cared for by Christians who live right where they are.

Now that’s a holistic project.

If you’d like to support Bibles Plus, click here to find out more, or click here to donate.