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An evangelist and group of visitors were harassed by a shop owner and a policeman for distributing Christian materials during Ramadan.

The group was distributing Christian literature, CDs and DVDs in Jericho when a Muslim man came out of his store and threw one of the Christian CDs at the evangelist. He shouted at the group and called a police officer to arrest them for “blasphemy against Allah.” As the police officer warned the evangelist that the group could be harmed by Muslims, a Palestinian detective arrived and helped prevent the group’s arrest.

Ramadan, which lasted from 28 June to 27 July, is Islam’s holiest month.

Although tensions remained high, many people accepted the literature, CDs and DVDs, and some even asked if they could meet with the evangelist privately at a later time.

Source: Voice of the Marys USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for the bold evangelistic efforts of these believers. Pray the Lord will protect them; pray they will be encouraged to continue to preach the Gospel.
  • Pray for those searching for the truth; pray also for the shop keeper, police officer and detective.
  • Ask the Lord to use the current unrest to expand His kingdom in Palestine and Israel.