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Issa, a Muslim background believer, left Islam for Christianity two years ago. Filled with zeal for his new faith, he decided to inform his family about his commitment to follow Christ. Outraged by his confession, they started to beat him. In the scuffle, they noticed Issa had drawn a cross on his wrist, similar to the tattoos worn by Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians. Seeing this caused further anger and, as a result, one of Issa’s brothers sliced Issa’s wrist and severed his artery.

In fear, Issa fled the house and took himself to hospital. After receiving preliminary first aid, he fled to Upper Egypt, fearing his family would pursue him. Still suffering from his wound, he heard about VOM’s mobile medical clinics and went for treatment. There one of the surgeons provided him with the comprehensive care he needed and he has since recovered.

Please pray for Issa’s continued protection. Pray that he will be an effective witness for the Gospel. Pray too for his family, that they will come to know the message of salvation through Christ.

Voice of the Martyrs, together with our partners in Egypt, is funding mobile medical clinics for Christians suffering from persecution and poverty in Egypt.

Providing medical care for these believers not only assists those suffering from illness or injury but is also an opportunity to provide spiritual encouragement.

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